This Month (and Year) in the Ecosystem (December 2013)

Welcome to our sixth edition of “This Month in the Ecosystem,” a digest of highlights from December 2013 (never intended to be comprehensive; for completeness, see the excellent¬†Hadoop Weekly).

With the close of 2013, we also thought it appropriate to include some high points from across the year (not listed in any particular order):

  • The Enterprise Data Hub, a vision for long-term customer value that will forever embed Hadoop into mainstream IT, was effectively articulated and is already being adopted in the form of real deployments.
  • Clouderans were omnipresent on the tech-talk circuit (meetups, user groups, and conferences), interacting with the user community all over the world – with nearly 300 talks in 17 different countries. Furthermore, the first cohort of Cloudera User Groups held their inaugural meetups in Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco.
  • Cloudera customers and users got their very own discussion forums — and the Q&A commenced immediately.
  • Apache Hadoop 2 became A Real Thing — it’s now available to users in the form of a stable release, and will be the default deployment option in CDH 5 and Cloudera Enteprise 5.
  • Cloudera Engineering (@ClouderaEng) shipped a mountain of new product (production-grade software, not just technical previews): Cloudera Impala, Cloudera Search, Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Development Kit (now Kite SDK), new Apache Accumulo packages for CDH, and several iterative releases of CDH and Cloudera Manager. (And, the Cloudera Enterprise 5 Beta release was made available to the world.). Furthermore, as always, a ton of bug fixes and new features went upstream, with the features notably but not exclusively HiveServer2 and Apache Sentry (incubating).
  • HBaseCon 2013, with nearly 800 attendees, proved out that HBase interest is on a steep incline. (News about HBaseCon 2014 coming very soon!) And Strata + Hadoop World 2013 rocked the ecosystem, with a record-setting 2,500 attendees showing up to learn more about the Hadoop stack.
  • Hadoop deployment options on the cloud moved beyond test and dev; customers can now run production workloads in supported mode on Amazon AWS, SoftLayer, T-Systems, Verizon, and Saviss.
  • Cloudera Impala became a supported offering in MapR’s and AWS’ (via EMR) platforms. Ride Impala!
  • Developers also learned that they can not only run Apache Spark (incubating) jobs alongside CDH (and acquire support from Cloudera for doing that), but that Spark will ship inside CDH 5 when it becomes GA in early 2014. (And, the maiden voyage of Spark Summit was a great one.)
  • Data scientists can breath easier with the availability of new infrastructure for development¬†(Oryx) and testing¬†(Gertrude) of machine-learning apps.
  • Via the Cloudera Academic Partnership program, 17 universities adopted Hadoop-related curriculum, helping to ensure that the CS students of today will become the enterprise data hub developers/operators of tomorrow.

Solid as a rock! Here’s to an even better 2014.

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.


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